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Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my kitchen collection pieces?

These pieces are made from olive wood and made in Italy. Do not leave your item in water as this will damage the piece. Do not use harsh soaps to clean, mild only. To restore the brightness of the piece you can rub a small amount of olive oil on a rag and rub it on the piece. Always clean after use do not let food or sauces linger on the items.

How to care for my unframed/touchable pieces of art?

These pieces are exremely delicate and therefor should be handled with care. While it is okay to lightly touch these pieces and it is encouraged, do so with care as to not disrupt the art. The layered mandalas are more delicate than the engraved photographs so please keep that in mind. To avoid the pieces collecting dirt/dust you will need to lightly dust the items with a feather or equally soft duster twice a month. If you live in dry/dustier areas I would recommend more often.

How to care for my tree branch pieces?

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE PIECES. The branches are VERY delicate. To avoid any pieces breaking I suggest leaving hung on the wall and left alone. Not for within a childs reach. DO NOT push or press on frame backing or front. If something does break or chip and yopu need to open the frame do so at your own caution. Lightly dust off and re frame very carefully.